Monday, May 11, 2009

Alternative Universe

I was thinking about what I would be like in an alternative universe. The usual speculation is that your alternative self is your exact opposite in every trait. So, for instance, in the Alternative Universe I'm actually a good writer.

But let's go further. There's a long way to go, after all, it's a big universes. The possibilities are infinite. And here is the conclusion I reached.

In an alternative universe, everything is the complete opposite, to which we have always assumed would mean that good people would be evil, dogs would be cats, and Jurin would be Juran, an evil greedy land baron who uses Copybot and runs an illegal underground casino in the grid of 'Alternate Existence' which the weak and ineffectual Lindens.

That's all well and good, but what about me? Well, what is my complete opposite? What is the Anti-Anna Tsiolkovsky? What would she be like??!?!

Well, let's consider. I exist. Everyday, I'm here writing about things, and playing in Second Life, and holding down a real life job, and trying to consume the jelly beans my little sister dumped on me because she couldn't eat them all. Everyday I grace your existences! So, what's the opposite of existing? That's right: not existing.

In an alternative universe, Anna Tsiolkovsky would not exist. No goatee, no good twin (assuming I'm the evil version of myself), nothing. I'd simply cease to be as that is my polar opposite.

So if any of you are planning to visit an alternate universe and give me a call, don't bother because I won't exist. Steer clear of Juran, though. I hear she kicks puppies.