Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Terrible Day

Today was the worst day of this year thus far.

I got up two hours too early. The shower was stuck on cold. I almost choked on my pills. I missed the shuttle. When I tried to hit the El, it was off schedule and I got to work late. At work, I completely and utterly screwed up. What's worse is that everyone is smarter than I am, so any mistake is compounded by the fact that they probably look down and think, "whelp, can't expect too much, can we?" These are the people under me. I shudder to think of my boss' opinion. I missed the shuttle after work, so I walked home instead. It was about a few miles, but it was a nice day out (one of the few blessings today) and the (relatively) fresh air cheered me up. Then I got home and realized that the reason everyone was giving me a wide berth was because I reeked of formaldehyde. Then I realized I didn't have anything for dinner. So I have to order out or something.

Hopefully, this will remain my worst day of 2009. Or, even more hopefully, worst day for the coming decade.


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