Sunday, May 10, 2009

Linden Prize Double Take

So, let's get this straight. Linden Lab awarded the Linden Prize to Wikitecture because they integrate Second Life into real life projects. When Hamlet interviews this group, they say they are moving away from Second Life itself to OpenSims and their kin. How embarrassing!

It's not too surprising, though, considering that these nominees were nominated quite a few months ago. In Second Life, months are akin to decades with our rate of churn.

And let's consider Wikitecture itself. On its very website, it treats Second Life the same way any other college and university treats it. To them, it's just a giant collaboration project. All this unnecessary grid on the side that's getting in the way doesn't matter to them. In fact, in view of their needs, their movement towards gaining a sim of their own is perfect as they no longer have to deal with the lag and potential nastiness that might flow in.

Their winning of the Linden Prize does not betray this move, because they are still using Second Life the Platform. They're just not using Second Life the Grid. Completely different things, I assure you, and as Linden Lab gave the prize to those utilizing Second Life the Platform in a real life manner, they really have won honestly. Any accusations otherwise are unfounded.


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