Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gender Madness... Again

Reading the Second Life Herald (a pastime I engage in whenever I'm bored at work), I notice the increasing amount of posts on the wonders of men playing as women and women playing as men and all that mess in between.

Reading it all, I can't help but wonder this to myself: "What is the big deal?"

Honestly, wasn't all this worked out of our systems way back around, oh say, 2006?

The things being said and proposed and explored today are mere imitations of the same arguments presented three years ago. Nothing new has been added to the table. The only difference is in the dates.

I wouldn't mind so much except that the general reaction has been one of a startled reaction, as if this is some new big deal. Personally, I think that unless something radically new has been thought about or uncovered or whatever, there's little point in repeating oneself over and over again when we can all google and find that specific post of your blog anyway.