Sunday, May 31, 2009

The May Finale

This month I endeavored to write one post a day. I had hoped that such an exercise would ingrain some kind of schedule into my writing as well as refining my writing itself. Well, not so much refining as repetition.

And I have definitely found that when my face is ground into the wall, I get repetitive. Or it feels like it. Also, it really saps my energy and enthusiasm because my life is somewhat busy (see, there goes the repetition again!) and it takes me a while to think of something to write about. Running on a schedule made me write things I otherwise would have chucked into the recycle bin. Which is bad. Often times I had to resort to writing posts I gleaned from comments and my own diary. Once I think I used a fortune cookie. I've found that forcing myself to write something once a day leads to not nice things.

I managed thirty one posts in a month. My previous record was twenty-one. It really felt like an endurance marathon. It amazes me how some people can write in excess of fifty posts a month without breaking a sweat. However much neglect their real life gets cannot possibly create that much of a difference between they and I. How can one person have so much to talk about all the time? I can't even manage to find something to talk about every day, much less five or six things.

In summary, I am never doing this ever again. Thank you.


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