Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today, I woke up at 4 AM. Again. Why do I do this? It's clearly not healthy, and yet like clockwork I get up at 4 on the dot. It coincides precisely with the start of the ShamWow infomercial that plays on the TV and I think there may be a connection between the two.

I rolled and rolled over in bed, but it wasn't doing any good. I was up. Even turning the TV off didn't help. I was worried because I was expecting a call from my boss on whether to come in today or not, and I didn't want to be a seizing zombie while staring at a computer screen. Haha, I made a funny.

Anyway, I managed to get back to sleep around 6 AM, and then I woke up again at 11:20. It's either too hot or too cold, isn't it? Thank the Good Nunchuck that the Boss hadn't called, but I still had to rush out and catch the damn shuttle for class at 1. The stupid shuttle almost never runs on time. It should be automated, because the stupid drivers never want to drive.

Class was ok, and I managed not to sleep through the lecture. Even though I've taken this class twice now. I guess pleura is very interesting to my subconscious. Granted, it's very interesting anyway. Lab was excellent and I totally made up for Tuesday's horrible blunders. Three lungs, BAM! I was Hartmann just gunning down lungs. I was removing them like I'd been doing it since I was a foetus. I was so proud. Well, as proud as one can possibly be of such a thing, anyway.

Work ran late so I missed everyone again, and had to eat dinner at the cafe alone. That's probably just as well, because I totally reeked.

When I got home, I took a shower for about an hour. I swear it feels like the smell never comes out. I also disinfected my shoes. I need a new pair of shoes. Remind me later to get a new pair.

I think right now I'll play Second Life. I also should write a post. Gads, between the two of them I don't have nearly enough time. I might have to take drastic measures...

Hey, Diary, would you mind if I tore this page out and posted it alone? You don't? Oh, good. Thanks a bunch. You have no idea how much time you've saved me.

Tomorrow should be sunny, and that's always good. Hopefully it'll be as cool as it was today.

See ya tomorrow!


Anna J. Tsiolkovsky


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